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Which businesses can benefit from Sensemitter?
Sensemitter's technology is tailored for companies across a spectrum of sectors, particularly benefiting those in FMCG, UX Research, Ads & Communications.
So, it's like a focus group?

Sensemitter is so Much More than Focus Group

Traditional focus groups often fall victim to the pitfalls of inaccurate data. Participants may be influenced by vanity, a desire to provide socially acceptable responses, or other psychological factors, leading to skewed feedback.
Sensemitter doesn't rely on what people say; it unveils the emotions bubbling beneath the surface, operating on the subconscious level where authentic purchase decisions originate.

Sensemitter is for Every Business

Packaging and Shelves

Shelf Impact and customer appeal through packaging analysis
Visibility and Findability in retail environments
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UX Research

User Behavior Insights for deeper understanding of user motivations
Design Effectiveness for better alignment with user needs
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Ads and Comms

Ad Performance Analysis — emotional response and engagement levels
Creative Impact Assessment to fine-tune video content
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Mobile Gaming

Player Engagement Metrics to boost retention and conversion
Behavioral Analytics to enhance game design and UX
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Why Sensemitter?

Scientifically Based

We harness facial coding tech grounded in scientific work of Prof. Brian Knutson, renowned for his contributions to understanding emotional and neural responses to stimuli.
By integrating Knutson's principles, we decode consumer emotions and behaviors, offering insights into customer engagement and product appeal.

For a Fraction of the Time and Cost

Our approach minimizes the need for extensive resources, allowing you to make informed business decisions rapidly and efficiently.

Predict Purchase Intent with 85%+ Accuracy

Sensemitter identifies which packaging, creative or game mechanic works the best, predicting the Purchase Intent with 85% accuracy
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Global Network

Tap into a pool of over 8 million diverse online respondents worldwide, eager to engage in your research.

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